The idea for Grøvdal Inn came in the weeks and months after moving to Norway, a growing desire to share with others the beauty and wildness of western Norway while restoring our 4-story country home – hand-built by a local teacher in the 1950s – and bringing it to life with the energy, warmth, conversation and adventure of our family as well as the guests and friends we hope to soon welcome into it beginning Spring and Summer 2021.

Meet The Hosts

Moving to Norway took a bit of a leap of faith for me, especially since the house we bought I had never seen! But I have a love and passion for adventure and building and creating with my hands, and our home here is the perfect place for both – from raising our daughter in the outdoors to creating our gardens to cooking healthy, wholesome food that refreshes not only our bodies but also our souls. I’m a classically trained violinist and have been playing almost every day since I was a young child. I am also an avid yogi and hold my teacher-training certificate. In addition to Grøvdal Inn, where I focus on our gardens and our plant-based food menu, I am the founder of A Lively Kitchen, producer of fermented wares (“food that’s alive!”) such as kombucha, apple cider vinegar, and more. -Andrea

Hi, I’m Blake! I’ve lived in cities most my life but my passion has always been the mountains and outdoors. As a kid I spent most of my time outside on the land in Virginia on which we grew up. On family vacations I was always running to the top of the nearest mountain. After founding a tech start-up and working in San Francisco, CA for nearly ten years, I was fortunate enough to pursue my passions full time, moving to Europe with Andrea in 2019 and settling into Norway with our newborn daughter in early 2020. I spent most of 2019 trail racing across Europe and was one of the top Americans to finish the 2019 UTMB trail race in Chamonix, France. I have a list of 10-year goals that I now focus my time on, in addition to working on the house and preparing for future guests here at Grøvdal Inn. I care a lot about the environment and living a simple life true to the trail-ethos “leave no trace” and especially “leave it better than you found it.” – Blake


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