Witnessing Transformation

There is something magical about caring for something and witnessing its transformation: a new leaf, a budding flower, a growing vegetable. Gardening is about life. About connecting with the soil and earth—connecting with our ecosystem. And it’s not just for people who have lots of land. You can grow on your balcony, vertically, and even indoors. You don’t even need seedlings. You can start from herbs and vegetables you bought at the grocery store. 

Perhaps access to a few fresh vegetables doesn’t seem like much (most of us still need to go to the grocery store!), but as writer and illustrator Alex Testere states, a plant can provide much more than just food, it has the ability to offer “a powerful force of positivity in a time when that’s hard to find.”

As I gather fresh greens from the garden at Grøvdal Inn, hands covered in soil, daughter by my side, and the breathtaking mountains ahead, I can’t help but feel grateful to be surrounded by nature’s beauty. I am thankful to witness the unfolding of a beautiful transformation: our child, our garden, our home.

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