Freedom of the hills

There’s a sense of complete freedom here. Trails to yourself—steep, slippery, rugged, exposed and demanding. The more the trails, mountains and weather ask of you, the more they expect of you, and the more they seem to give back: that sense of complete freedom and being alive. As Covid-19 takes away the freedom of so many across the world right now, we hope that people are able to find it in other ways—perhaps through new routines, new perspectives, new goals—and of course, when the time again permits, through travel and adventure. Here at Grøvdal Inn we are feeling grateful for the opportunity to experience the sense of freedom that one experiences in the mountains, completely in union with nature. And soon we hope to share the endless adventures Norway has to offer with you too: hiking, running, cycling, climbing, skiing, snowshoeing and more. We look forward to bringing people together at Grøvdal Inn and sharing with each other what it means to each person to feel alive.

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